The Sunny Day Of Sadness

Animations by Lee Robin Gonzales

A representation in animation about the daily struggle popsicles face on sunny days, a problem that is overlooked by the public media, but a problem that shall not be ignored.

Nice to meet ya! I'm Hanif!

This is Hanif, he is a lime flavoured popsicle that enjoys taking long walks on sunny days! He is waving at you guys with a frame-by-frame gif animation.

Get away from me!

Oh No! The sun is out and its chasing the poor popsicle, Hanif! He is really running for his life right now with the help of a five-frame run cycle sprite sheet.

I don't feel so good

Hanif isn't looking too good right now, he is sweating and starting to melt causing a puddle of his own misery. The popsicle is starting to breathe heavily as Mr.Sun taunts him with his heat! Hanif isn't looking too cool right now as he begins to melt in frame-by-frame gif animation.

Melting Away

Is this the end for young popsicle Hanif? The sun has left after causing destruction as young popsicle Hanif lays in his own juice, left behind for the flies to munch on him. This first fly arrives and begins to circle around Hanif with SVG animation, the tweening technique.