Presentation Page

by Lee Robin Gonzales

This project consisted of creating an interface for a project manager app that was provided to us and to give it some design features. The app had many features to consider such as designing the text fields, designing the different types of buttons as well as the description box, just to name a few. The main objective of this project was to be able to implement micro-intereactions throughout the app.

In order to achieve the end goal of the app, we had deliverables to complete. Our moodboard had to include our colour scheme, our form style, our type hierarchy and our basic design ideas for the app. Additionally, we also had the task of creating an animated logo which can be found through the links of this website along with the moodboard.

With all that's been intoduced so far, I now introduce you to "motive", a project manager app that lets you organize your projects and tasks for daily activities. The colour scheme focuses on the colours Blue and Orange, this shade of blue is supposed to represent confidence and calmness while the orange is a representation of enthusiasm and inspiring creativity. The rounded triangles represent mountains and serves as a reminder that life can be an uphill battle, but we must stay motivated to keep on climbing in order to get our goals in life completed. Furthermore, the triangles also serve as a representation of the letter M for motive. The app is ready to be used and I'm sure you've got a lot of tasks to accomplish, so tell me, what's the motive?